Additional Settings

Besides the individual SEO settings, SEO Manager also offers some settings that are applied sitewide. They can be found in the SEO Manager app under the Settings menu:

Below you will find the details about each of the settings offered.

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404 errors undermine your store's credibility with Google. It is important that the links into your store always work, and that you do not have any broken links or missing pages. Additionally, having broken links can be a frustrating experience for your customers, as they would be receiving an error when attempting to go to your store.

SEO Manager has the ability to notify you about broken links in your store.

At the selected frequency, a digest of the broken link activity will be emailed to you. This is a great way to make sure your store is healthy and customers are getting to the pages they are attempting to.

Here you can add one or more email addresses you wish to have this notification sent to. You'll also set the frequency for each email address individually (it can be delivered daily, weekly, or monthly):

At the the frequency selected, you will now receive emails that look like the one below:

Sitewide meta settings

Sitewide meta settings allow you to control how Google and other search engines work with your site. These settings do not have SEO value, but they do impact the user experience of your site. Please notice that, when enabled, they are applied to your entire site.

Below you can find a description of these settings:

No translate Prevents Google from translating your site into another language
No sitelinks search box Prevents Google from showing a search box for your site on the search engine results

Optional settings

These are optional settings that impact how SEO Manager works. While they don't required your attention, they give you a little more control over your SEO setup.

Hide page number in title Remove the current page number in the title

Advanced product settings

The product settings Product unavailable after and Out of stock redirect, originally set at the product level, can be disabled globally in the app's settings.

The settings are described below:

Disable Unavailable after for all products Disables any unavailable after meta settings for products
Disable inventory redirect for all products Disables any inventory level redirects set for products