App Feature Tier Breakdown

Thank you for choosing our SEO Manager! We offer a range of features tailored to meet your SEO needs at different subscription tiers. Below is a breakdown of the features available in each tier: Free, Essential, Pro, and Legacy.

Free Tier:

SEO Monitoring and Scoring:

- Store level SEO monitor and scoring

SEO Optimization for:

- Products

- Collection

- Blog posts

- Pages

- Homepage

Google Result Simulation:

- See how your store appears in Google search results

Image and Page Optimization:

- Image Alt control

- Page speed testing

- Mobile friendliness testing

✅ Structured Data Testing:

- Verify and test structured data using JSON-LD

- Product review integration

✅ Missing Page/Broken Link Tracking:

- Track missing pages and broken links on your website

$29 Essential Tier (Includes Free Features):

✅ Enhanced SEO Scoring and Reporting:

- SEO scoring and checkup reporting for various elements

- Target keyword analysis

- Reading level analysis

✅ Advanced Meta Tag Control:

- Control meta tags for better optimization

✅ Out of Stock Redirects:

- Redirect users to relevant pages when a product is out of stock

✅ Additional Structured Data Support:

- Extend structured data support for various data types

✅ Google Trend Reporting:

- Stay updated with trends relevant to your industry

✅ SEO Control for Filtered Pages:

- Control SEO settings for collection tag filtered pages

✅ Broken Link Management:

- Export/Import broken link data

- Create redirects for broken links

✅ Automated SEO:

- Automated optimization for titles, descriptions, and image alt text

- Bulk SEO editor for products

- Bulk SEO score overview and analysis

✅ Google Search Analytics Integration:

- Integrate and analyze your store's performance in Google search

$59 Professional Tier (Includes Essential Features):

✅ AI-Driven Content Generation:

- AI product title generation

- AI product description generation

✅ Advanced Broken Link Management:

- Broken link suggestions

- Detailed broken link information

- Source location and frequency details

- Email notifications for broken links

✅ Automated SEO Enhancements:

- Automatic broken link redirects

- Pattern matching for broken link redirects

✅ HTML Sitemap Page:

- Generate an HTML sitemap for improved navigation

✅ Advanced Google Integrations:

- Explore advanced integrations with Google services

Legacy Tier (Includes Essential Features):

✅ Extended Broken Link Management:

- Broken link suggestions

- Email notifications for broken links

✅ Continued Automated SEO Enhancements:

- Automatic broken link redirects

We hope this breakdown helps you choose the right tier for your needs. If you have any questions or need further assistance, feel free to contact our support team.