Company Info

Helping Google understand your Shopify store is one of the most important thing you can do as a Shopify store owner.  By filling out the Company info section of SEO Manger,  you are giving Google information in a way that makes sense to it- through a format called JSON-LD . 

This information helps search engines understand your store because SEO Manager arranges and delivers this information  in a way that they best understand.  The more information that search engines have about your store, the better they are able to deliver search engine results to your customers. This is an additional way that you can outrank your competition- as Google tends to favor sites that have this information included in their code, so make sure to fill out this information!

Here's how:

1.  Click on the Structured Data button in the SEO Manager admin

2. You are going to see the following boxes enabled.  Keep all of them enabled unless you are intentionally trying to not include information.  This is necessary only in edge cases- so unless your store needs a rare exception, keep this information as is. 

3. Upload your Company logo  by clicking on the Logo upload button and then following the prompts.  Don't forget to click save

4. Enter in your social media account URLs

5.  If you have a physical location it is important to include Local business structured data  - you can access this by enabling the box to the left of Include local business data.

6. When you are finished, make sure to click Save

There you have it- now you have submitted your Company's information to SEO Manager, who in turn- submits it in the JSON-LD format to Google