Search analytics

SEO for your Shopify store can be difficult, which is why SEO Manager is now integrated with Google Search Console.  We believe that the more information you can gather on your store, the better you are able to optimize your store for Google. 

Because of this we decided to make Search Analytics readily available and built into SEO Manager, that way you always have a good idea of what is working ( and what isn't on your store in terms of your optimization efforts). 

 Search Analytics are now included in SEO Manager and powered by Google Search Console (GSC.) Once your store is integrated with GSC, Google will regularly scan your store and update their records. The initial connection can take a few days, but the data will populate in SEO Manager as quickly as Google allows. 

Key terms to know

Total impressions: The number of times your store was shown  in  Google search result pages (SERP) 
Total clicks: The number of times potential customers clicked on your store's link in Google search results
Average CTR: This is the average Click Through Rate (CTR). CTR is determined by the amount of times your store was displayed in Google search results versus the amount of times it was clicked. So, if your store has shown up 100 times in search results, and was then clicked on 30 times, your CTR would be 30% 
Average Position: The average  location of your store in Google search results

Analytics Graph

The graph at the top of the page provides you a visual representation of the search traffic you have received over the specified date range. You can remove any of the graph lines by un-checking the corresponding box at the top of the graph.

Analytics Table 

Below the graph is a data table with Top pages and Top queries. This data corresponds with the above graph. 

Top pages: These are your store's most popular pages in Google search results
Top queries: These are most popular phrases used in Google search to find your store.

Clicking the arrow in the Details column will present you with a more detailed view of that table entry.