Search Analytics Date Ranges

The Search Analytics area of SEO Manager is powered by Google Search Console (GSC.)  Once your store is integrated with GSC, Google will regularly scan your store and update their records. There is typically a delay of several days- but sit tight, it's worth the wait. 

Below we have provided some screen shots as to what you can expect:

You can see the data is only available to September 24. The current date is September 2, a 3-day difference. This missing data is still being processed by Google and will be available in the following days.

Data is available for 90 days prior to the current date

By default, the date range of the Search Analytics is 30 days prior to the current date. To change the date range:

  1. Click on the date field
  2. Select a predefined dare range on the left of the drop down
  3. You can select a custom range by clicking on a start and stop date, then clicking the Apply button