Index settings

Indexing: Control how search engines handle a page

When editing the SEO details of a page, SEO Manager offers a few extra settings that provide further control for how your page is indexed.

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This is where you can find these settings:


In the SEO Manager app, go to Edit SEO:


Access the SEO edit page for the page you wish to edit, e.g. Product > select a product to edit SEO:


These settings can be found at the bottom, on the right:

Find below a description of what each setting does:

Sitemap Management

This setting tells Shopify whether or not to include this page in your sitemap.  If this is a page that you'd like Google or other search engines to have access to, you'll want to keep this set at "Yes".  If you're trying to hide a page, like on a wholesale site you can use this to hide a page from your sitemap by selecting "No". 

Search Index

This setting tells search engines like Google to add this page to their index and list them in search results. If you want your page to be included, select "Yes". If you do not want this page to be included in search results, select "No ".

Follow Page Links

This setting tells Google and other search engines to either follow or not follow the links on the current page. Search engines work by crawling a site and exploring all of the links on a page. In some cases, you may want Google to not index a page but still follow the links, in which case you'll select "Yes". Or you may prefer to not index the page along with ignoring the links, thus selecting "No".