Product Availability

Control when your products appear in Google search results

SEO Manager allows you to easily control when a product should no longer be included in Google search results. Using the "Unavailable after this date" tool in SEO Manager, you can pick a date and time (GMT time zone) at which Google will exclude this page from search results.

Here's how you can set it up:


In the SEO Manager app, go to Edit SEO:


Access the SEO edit page for the product you wish to edit at Product > select a product to edit SEO:


Next to Product unavailable after, click Enable:


Select a date and time after which your product should be unavailable. Make sure to Save it once you're done making your changes:

Why you may want to use this setting

If you sell products that have a limited lifespan, like event tickets, seasonal goods or special offers, you may want to remove these pages from search results. Users become frustrated when they land on a search result that does not work. Google may potentially devalue your entire site if there are many pages that are removed. Using this tool gives Google a signal that this page has a limited lifespan and helps protect the rest of your site's rankings.

How it works

For the SEO power users out there, this setting controls the unavailable_after meta tag.