Out of Stock Redirect

The Out of stock redirect feature, included in SEO Manager, allows you redirect the customer to another page when the product they're looking for is out of stock.

When this feature is enabled, if a product is no longer available (i.e. when all variants are out of stock), the customer will be redirected to the URL that you specify.

Here's how you can enable it for a product:


In the SEO Manager app, go to Edit SEO:


Access the SEO edit page for the product you wish to edit at Product > select a product to edit SEO:


Next to Out of stock redirect, click Enable:


Fill out the URL the customer should be redirected to, then click Save:

You must enter a complete URL.

In most cases, it's a good idea to redirect to the collection page that the product belongs to, or a similar item.

When more stock is added to the product, the redirect will stop working and the product page will be shown.