Managing Your Broken Links

Meet Gracie, the Artificial Intelligence SEO assistant designed to maximize your Shopify capabilities! In order to use this tool, select Broken Links from the homepage:

Once you're there, you'll be able to see information about the current broken links that have been tracked by SEO Manager.  Any time a customer hits a 404 page with the app installed, we track that URL and bring it into the app so you can quickly and easily action that broken link.

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The tool

Here's how the tool looks like:

You can action these broken links in a few different ways depending on if you want to manage it in bulk, or individually.

Managing broken links in bulk

You can select multiple broken links using the radial buttons on the left, or select all by using the top radial button shown below.  Once selected, you can accept the suggested URL or delete the broken links from SEO Manager (if you feel like they don't need to be redirected, e.g. a mistyped URL):

SEO Manager also allows you to configure many page redirects at once, via Import. Bulk redirects are added to a CSV (spreadsheet) file and uploaded to our system. SEO Manager will then create redirects for your store.

Here's how you can do it:


In the SEO Manager app, go to Broken Links:


Click the Import button at the top:


In the popup that opens, download the template provided by SEO Manager:


The template contains two columns, path, under which you will fill out the path of the broken link, and target, under which you will fill out the path to the new working link. Make sure to save your file after filling out the information:


Back to the SEO Manager app, upload the CSV file and click Import:


Once your redirects finish processing, they can be found under the Redirects tab:

Managing broken links individually

You can also individually create redirects for each broken link by clicking on the pencil icon to the right of the link. Once clicked, you'll be prompted to add in the new URL:

Once a broken link has popped up, you can discover the source of the 404. Select the discovery tool on the right-hand side of the desired broken link.

Discover the most recent visit date and link location.

Export/Import settings

In the header, you have the ability to Export and Import redirects/broken links in bulk via CSV. This allows you to make large changes quickly!

Get notified about broken links

Lastly, you have the ability to manage your notification settings for SEO Manager's Broken Link emails, so you can be notified once we find a broken link. You can set up a notification, to be sent daily, weekly or monthly, letting you know how many broken links you have, as well as a list of these broken links, which should help you stay on top of any problems and understand how frequently you're seeing broken links come up.

See Broken link notifications for instructions on how to set this up.