How to install SEO Manager

To fully take advantage of SEO Manager, your theme needs to be modified a bit. It's fairly easy to do, but if you would like our team of professionals to assist you (for free) please email: [email protected]

Step 1

Copy the SEO Manager snippet

This code snippet is what connects your shops theme to our app. Without using it, you wont get the full potential of SEO Manager

Copy the following to your clipboard:

{% include 'SEOManager' %}

Step 2

Paste the code snippet into your theme

Open your layout/theme.liquid file

In the theme.liquid file, paste the code snippet directly below the <head> tag, and then save your theme.

Step 3

Remove old code

Remove title tags, meta descriptions, and meta keywords from the layout.

Your theme may be different. If you need help or have questions contact us - [email protected]

Step 4

Start using SEO Manager

You are now ready to take control of your stores SEO!